5th Element

Concept, Brand Identity & Packaging Design



5th Element is a rebrand project based off an existing brewery currently known as Canoe Brewery located in Victoria, British Columbia. This brewery is committed to sustainable practices, environment awareness and community building.


To build a brand identity and packaging series that better embodies the essence of the company and Vancouver Island’s history.


Implementation of a packaging and brand identity concept that pays homage to the Island’s geographical history. It reflects the converging of five of the Island’s most powerful elements — earth, water, wind, fire and the ‘quintessence’ or ‘5th element’ — the carefully crafted beer itself.

The earth element is a symbol of the Island’s old growth forests, particularly the White Pine Tree. The water element represents the ocean and the powerful seas that surround the Island. The Wind element is reflective of the stormy climate, particularly on the Island’s West coast. The fire element represents the volcanic rock that a large part of Vancouver Island is built upon. And lastly the 5th Element, remains the name of the brand, as it factors in the beer and pub experience to complete the set of elements that make the Vancouver Island experience.

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